Cross-border loans

Cross-border loans: the Europe of savings

With cross-border loans In October we are building the Europe of savings, a community of lenders in support of the European real economy. In fact, October offers the possibility of lending money to Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch companies. The process is identical for all of our projects, regardless of the country of origin of the company. In a few clicks, each lender consults the projects, decide which he wants to subscribe and chooses the amount to lend.

Interestingly, the difference between lenders of different nationalities. Is there a country in which they prefer to lend over others? Is risk appetite different from one country to another? Some time has passed since we last presented these statistics.

In 2018 October it grew even more internationally with the opening of a new branch in the Netherlands. Since then we have published 14 Dutch projects, for a total of $ 5.5M. With cross-border loans, lenders can diversify their investments in 4 countries.

Our lender community has also grown. In March 2018 October had 11,000 active lenders *, today there are 17,000 active lenders. The most important part of our community is represented by French lenders: 85% of our users are in fact in the country where October was born. About 5% of lenders are located in Spain, 4% in Italy and 1% in the Netherlands, the latest addition to our 4 countries. The remaining part of our community instead consists of lenders from other countries (other than those mentioned above).

Cross-border loans


To date, our community has made 552,300 cross-border loans, with an average amount of $ 102.38 per loan (May 2019 date). In total, October’s private lender community lent $ 58M to support the European real economy.

What is the risk appetite of our lenders?

credit loans

To understand this, we took into consideration the average amount lent, distinguishing on the basis of the rating of the projects. As a result, projects with A rating are by far the favorites of our community, with the only exception of Dutch lenders who seem to prefer the A + rating. In general, we note that the average amount lent to projects rated A +, A and B + is 10% higher than the amount lent to projects rated B and C.

2 countries stand out: France and the Netherlands. French lenders do not seem to have a particular preference, their average loan remains almost unchanged as the rating changes. The Dutch, on the other hand, show that they have a clear preference: their average loan to projects A +, A and B exceeds that of projects B and C by 24%. To summarize, therefore, we can say that French lenders are those with a greater risk appetite, while the Dutch are the ones with the greatest aversion.
Finally, international lenders stand out for a different reason: their average loan is much higher than that of their French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch counterparts.


How important is the duration of the projects for our providers? If we observe the duration of the projects to which our users lend more, we notice an interesting trend.

Lenders seem to have a preference at the same time for very short and very long projects. Considering all countries, on average they lend around $ 123 to projects with a duration of over 60 months, while for projects between 36 and 48 months the average loan is $ 105.


Last year, we had a tendency for lenders to lend more to businesses in their home country. It is still so? It would seem so. On average, Italian, French and Spanish lenders lend 15% more to companies in their respective countries. This trend is most evident in the French, which lend 21% more to domestic businesses (which are also the most numerous in the entire October portfolio).

Why lend to different types of projects?

credit types

The answer is simple: to diversify the portfolio and minimize the risk of loss. Diversification allows you to spread your capital over numerous small loans, in this way the impact of a default on the overall return of the portfolio is much less. Diversifying loans also allows for less dependence on economic factors that can have a negative impact on a specific country or sector.

All our statistics

We occasionally comment on the results of our analyzes of lender behavior, but there is more. Every month we update the statistics relating to our performance, so that you can have a complete and transparent view of our entire portfolio.


Do you want a loan?

Let’s ask a simple simple question: if you needed a loan to renovate, pay the university, buy a car or something else, who would you turn to? Discounted answer: to banks. Yet it is not always good to be dictated by habits, perhaps avoiding exploring new ways full of opportunities, both ethical and economic, such as private loans.

What is going on in the world


In the USA, China and Europe social lending is progressively affirming (8.63 million dollars paid in the EU alone) of which Astro Finance is the main player in Italy. These are in practice individuals who lend money to other individuals through an online platform. Everyone earns compared to traditional returns or commissions. And everything is authorized by the Bank of Italy.

Sometimes trusting is good

To convince yourself to leave the comfort zone routine, exploring the new, just take a look at the conditions. With Loans from Astro Finance it works like this: whoever asks for it pays an interest generally 2 percentage points lower than the market average, defined on the basis of his credit profile and the duration of the loan. You can get a credit of one thousand to 15 thousand dollars and repay it in a period of between 12 and 48 months. The procedure is simple: there is no need to go to the branch, everything is done online and only once the application has been pre-approved (the answer is online), documentation is required to prove that you have an income (even part- time or permanent) and that the debt is sustainable.

The return to ethics.

Beyond the practical aspects, the social aspect of Astro Finance is also interesting. Like the whole sharing economy, financial social lending is also distinguished by its ethical and collaborative aspect. Here private individuals lend money to give it to those who employ them immediately, putting them back into circulation and thus helping the economic recovery. As a result, those who apply for and access a loan in Astro Finance earn not a bank but those who then feed the social economy again.

It is not a financial one

Astro Finance is not a financial company, or a company that offers credit to those who can no longer obtain it through traditional circuits. The selection of requests is deliberately very careful, and it is good to clarify it in the forums, just to protect the “social” aspect of the loan between private individuals. To protect the investments of those who lend money and guarantee them a good return, it is therefore necessary to remain below the average bank r ate of outstanding payments (in Astro Finance it is 2.5 per cent against 6/7)

Participating in a virtuous financial circuit, however, also protects against strange surprises.

Once upon a time there was the bank

money loan

The bank’s task was to make the money of the current account holders by investing it well, but the use of complicated and questionable financial instruments (see subprime and derivatives) has put both the economy and credit institutions in crisis. This is there for all to see. And the cash that is still struggling to be disbursed.


Loan with bills: Find out the details!

The loan with bills of exchange is a personal loan guaranteed by one or more effects (bills of exchange). Loan loan with bills is a credit solution that is no longer used by traditional banks and financial institutions. In fact, there are rare cases where a lender grants a loan for sonale with the guarantee of a promissory note.

Loans were exchanged more frequently without ancillary guarantees

Loans were exchanged more frequently without ancillary guarantees

Therefore even a bad payer could have obtained new liquidity thanks to this credit instrument. As mentioned earlier, in recent years this loan has been almost eliminated and replaced mainly by the sale of the fifth. The latter is also a personal loan not known to all, dedicated only to employees and retirees. The assignment of the fifth bases its repayment by crediting the installments directly on the paycheck or on the pension slip. It is also an excellent solution for those who are reported in the database as a bad payer.

Loan with bills: who does it?

Loan with bills: who does it?

Many advertise loan with promissory notes immediately, loan with promissory notes online, but as mentioned above, this financing is almost no longer used by financial institutions. To date, our company does not deal with this loan, but in any case we have the opportunity to help customers also with problems in the databases. Many people believe that the solution of a promissory note is the only alternative to obtain a new personal loan, this is because they are reported in the Crif database as bad payers.

This is not the case with Astro Finance, employee of a private company for about 4 years. Astro Finance is one of our customers in Rome who for weeks had had the need to obtain new financing to meet important personal expenses.
When he turned to our company he was strongly unmotivated. “It will be yet another refusal,” he said to our consultant before instructing the practice. “I work for a SRL with only 20 employees and I have already tried them all”. Astro Finance works for a well-listed company, even if with few employees. He obtained the amount requested through the personal loan with the assignment of the fifth salary, therefore excluding the loan with bills (produced by us not treated).

If at this moment you need a new loan and are interested in a free estimate or simply a feasibility opinion, contact us now by filling out the request form on our site. Within 24 hours you will be contacted.


Loans during parental leave – more difficult

Parental leave was created to incentivize family planning. Young families should be given the financial scope to enjoy the first time with their child. The parents’ creditworthiness was unfortunately neglected in the planning. Loans during parental leave are therefore suddenly more difficult than was suspected.

Loans during parental leave – banking

Loans during parental leave - banking

Parental leave is not a good timing to be creditworthy for larger investments. Family income is significantly reduced, although usually only for a limited time. The seizure allowances are getting dangerously close. Loans during parental leave are therefore only possible to a very limited extent from the traditional banking system. The house bank can help with a slightly increased overdraft facility, but it hardly has much more leeway.

Online it looks a little better for the loan request. Necessary investments in the equipment of the children’s room or other needs around the baby can be financed with a small loan. Small loans are low-interest, easy to compare on the Internet and are checked using the simplified approval process. The chances of getting a loan, even during parental leave, are therefore not necessarily bad online.

Goods or mail order credit during parental leave

Goods or mail order credit during parental leave

Merchandise and mail order loans have a top priority. They are intended to promote sales. They are advertised with low interest rates and short terms. The desire to increase sales volume displaces a balanced risk protection when lending. So it is comparatively easy to get the loan approval even under reduced income conditions. Larger sums and long terms cannot be financed in this way.

Buying a car is a pressing problem for many young families. The stroller simply does not want to fit in the old sleek, elegant strollers. A station wagon would be the solution, but problem-free loans during parental leave are rare for large investments. A guarantor or co-applicant opens the door to the car loan from almost any source of finance. This makes it possible to offer dealers, but also cheap car loans from the Internet. A loan comparison is always worthwhile.

With personal credit through the ups and downs of life

With personal credit through the ups and downs of life

Credit without a bank is becoming the most important means of providing credit to an increasing number of people. The income gap is widening in Germany. The development is particularly noticeable on the credit market. Families that only have a limited income to live in are increasingly cut off from traditional loans. Your income hardly exceeds the seizure allowance.

Loans during parental leave often reach this limit. Personal loan can be a way out. Getting in touch with private donors is easy in the Internet age. It is made up of two large personal loan platforms. However, it is not so quick until a personal loan becomes payable. In addition, the publication of the loan request involves preliminary costs.


Loan for 10,000 USD – What are the requirements

Many financial bottlenecks can be compensated with the overdraft facility in the checking account. This is expensive because of the high interest rates, but very convenient. No credit request at the bank counter, no waiting for the money. However, in most cases, the overdraft facility is no longer sufficient to cover a capital requirement of 10,000 USD. Only top earners are allowed to overdraw so much.

The difference between an online bank and a branch bank

The difference between an online bank and a branch bank

Now the only thing left is the trip to the bank. But which one? Who offers more advantages, the house bank or an online bank? If it should go quickly, then the branch bank is rather unsuitable. It is not so easy to apply for a loan for 10,000 USD at the counter. As a rule, a personal interview with the bank advisor is necessary.

That takes time, because you don’t get an appointment overnight. Online banks have a clear advantage here. Once the loan seeker has found the right offer, the loan can be applied for online. In addition, internet banks offer a lower interest rate. There is a preliminary commitment immediately. Only the papers have to be sent for signature. The money will then be transferred within a few days.

What do you have to consider during the term?

What do you have to consider during the term?

A loan for 10,000 USD is often used to purchase goods. With such an installment loan, the wishes can be fulfilled more quickly. However, it can also be used for debt restructuring purposes, after all, 10,000 USD are not a cardboard stick. It should be noted, however, that only the installment is chosen that the borrower can afford.

Smaller amounts extend the term of the loan, but make repaying the loan much more convenient. There is no use to anyone if you choose a short term, but then fall behind with the installments. At all banks, borrowers can choose their term with a loan for 10,000 USD.

Personal Loans

Personal credit or “Personal Loan”

Personal loans are in vogue and are becoming increasingly popular. Due to persistently low interest rates and the associated cheap offers, mainly from direct banks, more and more consumers are using it to fulfill a long-planned wish. Be it an expensive vacation, new home furnishings or the new Mercedes in the garage, these dreams come true with a personal loan.

Banks have no longer trusted each other since the financial crisis in 2008. There is too much concern that there may still be contaminated sites in the archives, which will only be disclosed later. In order to prevent a so-called impending credit crunch, the Intrasavings Bank has for some time only made one percent of the money available to the individual institutions. They also make active use of it, but only pass on part of the favorable conditions to consumers. Although loans have been cheaper to buy in recent months, the interest margin is still very high.

Loans are mainly given to their customers by regional banks

personal loan

However, the market shares of direct banks have been increasing steadily in recent years. These can pass on personal loans to consumers on significantly better terms. This is due to the leaner cost structure, because no branches have to be kept in stock and the necessary personnel costs are also lower. However, a customer does not have to do without advice. Portals such as  Agree Bank provide their customers with extensive information on their website, on which almost all questions can be answered quickly and competently. Many comparison sites also offer a free hotline.

If you now compare the large number of possible providers according to their services and costs, you will quickly find a suitable loan tailored to your individual requirements. All top providers in the financial sector are usually represented on these portals.

Personal loan

Personal loan

Another alternative is the still relatively new form of credit “personal loan”. Loan seekers and lenders are brought together on platforms such as Astro Finance or Cream bank. If you want a loan, you present your project in as much detail as possible and offer an interest rate that you are willing to pay. At the same time, its credit rating level is also published. If a lender or investor likes the application, he invests any amount in the project. When the pot is full, the credit is finally given. Typically, a borrower pays a lower rate of interest than a bank and the lender receives a higher rate of interest than a traditional secure investment. Both parties are winners.

The network also offers many new innovations in the area of ​​credit, which have already come themselves or will be implemented in the future. Consumers can only benefit from it.


Loans during trial period – maximum months

Borrowing requires a long-term, regular income. This is not the case during the trial period because the employer can terminate the employment contract without giving a reason. Borrowing during the trial period is therefore difficult. The trial period in Germany is a maximum of six months.

Some companies shorten it to three months, but legal protection against dismissal only applies after a period of six months. A prerequisite for the agreement of a trial period is a new appointment, so that neither the transition from a fixed-term to a permanent employment relationship nor a change in the area of ​​responsibility justifies this.

Use existing credit lines

Use existing credit lines

The easiest way for consumers to use existing credit lines as loans during the trial period. In many cases, the agreement of a trial period is not based on starting work for the first time, but on changing to a new employer, so that a credit facility and a credit card already exist.

Both types of credit are more expensive than consumer loans and should be replaced by one immediately after the trial period. A call credit is cheaper, which a job changer ideally applies for while his old employment relationship is still in existence.

Other ways of borrowing during the trial period

Other ways of borrowing during the trial period

The date of employment shows the date of employment, but not the agreed trial period. However, banks generally assume a six-month trial period, especially since this period is subject to severely restricted protection against dismissal. In the case of instant loans, in order to simplify processing, there is sometimes no submission of a proof of salary, so that these loans are also suitable as loans during a trial period. Of course, the borrower may not truthfully claim to be in a secure employment relationship.

If not asked, he does not necessarily have to point out his probationary period, but he must be convinced that he can pay off the loan later. Therefore, loans are ideal during the trial period, in which the loan agreement provides for the express right to make later changes, so that the consumer compares not only the effective annual interest rate, but also the specific loan terms of several providers. A surety is also a safe way to borrow during the trial period.

It is legally possible to agree to the automatic expiry of the guarantee upon transition to permanent employment, but such limited guarantees are not offered by all banks. Also on the websites for credit brokerage between private individuals, an existing trial period does not necessarily count as a reason for rejecting a loan application.

Rather, private lenders decide under what conditions they grant loans, with the majority preferring applicants who otherwise find it difficult to obtain a loan. Consumers often overlook the fact that installment payments within the first six months of a new employment relationship are earmarked loans during the trial period. Since mail order companies only request proof of salary for large order amounts, installment payments are possible without restriction during the trial period.

Bank Loans

Online Bank Loan 60.000

Sure Card Bank grants unsecured bank loans ranging from USD 3,000 to USD 50,000. They grant a loan repayment period of 1-15 years.

Sure Card Bank is a bank that operates not only in Finland but also in Sweden, Germany and Norway. They operate under the control of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Their loan can be applied for up to $ 50,000, so it suits a wide variety of financing needs. It can be used to finance, for example, home renovations, a car purchase or a vacation. It also handles loan consolidation conveniently.

Compete with them along with 30 other loan providers at our service for the best chance of getting a loan.

Sure Card Bank information in brief:


  • Unsecured bank loan 3000 – 50.000 euros
  • You can choose from 1 to 15 years as payment period
  • The service age limit is 23 years
  • Do not compete for an inexpensive consolidation loan or apply for another purpose
  • The loan is granted by a Nordic bank
  • Possibility to take out loan security insurance
  • You will always receive a personal loan offer
  • Fill out a free application and get a loan decision quickly
  • Example calculation : The actual annual interest rate is 18.74% for a loan of $ 10,000, a repayment period of five years, an account management fee of $ 5, an opening fee of $ 89 and an example rate of 15.9%. The amount to be reimbursed is then $ 15,000, or $ 250 per month.

Who can get a loan from Sure Card Bank?

Who can get a <a href=

Once you meet at least the following conditions, Sure Card Bank will process your application. They will then make a final loan decision based on the information you provide.

  • The applicant must be at least 23 years old
  • No payment default entries
  • Finnish citizen
  • Regular salary or pension income (At least $ 16,000 / year)
  • Sufficient ability to pay
  • Personal Online Banking Numbers
  • Finnish bank account

If you want to find a loan at the lowest possible interest rate, you should always compete with as many loan providers as possible.

With our service, you can reach around 30 banks and lenders in a single application, giving you a comprehensive range of loan deals that you can easily compare.

You can request quotes before deciding whether to take out a loan or not. You can choose the offer you want.

How is the loan repaid?

How is the loan repaid?

Sure Card Bank offers a loan repayment term of 1 to 15 years. As payment plans may change, you should always check your personal loan offer details.

Always read the offer details and terms and conditions before signing any offers. Also, always calculate your solvency so you can repay your loan on time.

Never pay bills just in case you have trouble paying your monthly installments on time. In this case, it is a good idea to contact the loan provider’s customer service and agree with them on the future.

Usually a loan repayment is negotiated and thus the customer avoids unnecessary expenses due to non-payment of bills.

Installment loans

How to make installment loan without certificates?

Loan installments for many people have become a facilitation and opportunity to purchase products of significant value. Loan in installments most often relate to household appliances, electronics and furniture, as their price is usually high. Not everyone can afford a one-time financing of expenses from the household budget or accumulated savings, which is why the installment system is a solution to the problem of shopping for a larger sum.

Currently, most stores dealing in the sale of electronics, furniture or household appliances of significant value have an installment system . Thanks to this, you can spread the expenditure into smaller amounts of repayment, which are not such a drastic burden on the budget. The installment system is also increasingly being introduced by aesthetic medicine clinics, private health care facilities and even repair companies. All this to enable customers who cannot afford the one-time costs and want to control their financial situation to use the services. Installments for proof are granted on strict conditions and certain conditions must be met in order to be able to make loan in installments.

Installment Loan

Installment Loan

Installment loan are a form of credit that the bank grants to finance the selected expense. It should be remembered that the store only mediates in such sales by offering its products, while it is the bank that grants the loan. Stores selling installments cooperate with banks that grant loans on their own terms. The installment system may therefore differ at each point of sale depending on the bank with which the contract is signed. You can often find offers for 0% installments, but you should carefully read the terms of the contract. Usually, such installments as proof are granted only for a certain period, after which additional interest and interest should be added to subsequent payments. They can be high, so when deciding on installment loan, you have to reckon with the fact that the total repayment can significantly exceed the cost of the equipment Loand.

Who can shop in installments?

Due to the fact that stores offering installment sale on the terms specified by the bank, the same conditions must be met as when applying for a loan. Banks require the provision of a statement of earnings, impeccable credit history and exceeding the required amount of monthly income. This means that not every customer will be able to take advantage of the installment Loan offer. This is harmful because it is people who have a limited budget that need the most support in financing an expensive Loan. However, it is worth checking what conditions must be met in order to take installments for an ID card , because in the case of a lower amount of loan, it is easier to spread payments in installments.

How to check if you can take something in installments?

Stores themselves inform customers about the possibility of spreading the Loan into installments. However, it is difficult to verify on your own which conditions must be met in order to receive a loan in installments as proof to be used to finance loan. It all depends on the bank that cooperates with the store and its requirements for borrowers. Unfortunately, if you do not have a permanent employment contract, regular income of a certain amount and good creditworthiness, you will probably have to consider a negative decision. Although many stores offer installments as proof , banks are restrictive in their approach to customer requirements to secure against unreliable repayments.

Installments for proof online as an alternative to installment loan

Installments for proof online as an alternative to installment loan

Many stores advertise their installment system as simple and accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, the lack of a stable source of income and an unfavorable credit history means a high risk of not meeting the repayment schedule, which is why such clients have to take into account a negative decision. Installment loans are granted for any purpose, which is why the acquired funds can be used to cover the costs of purchasing the selected product and then repay the liability in convenient installments. Installments for proof via the internet are much easier to obtain than a bank loan, but you have to take into account certain requirements set by non-bank companies. Although it is not necessary to provide a statement of earnings, the sources of income from which the household is kept should be shown. These can be social benefits, alimony, 500+ or ​​profits from the rental of real estate. Thanks to this, even people without a permanent employment contract can benefit from an installment loan.

Installments for ID card and BIK

The problem with many customers is that they can’t boast of a positive credit history. Not only arrears to creditors mean that non-bank companies are cautious about lending to such applicants. Lack of credit history also makes it impossible to assess the risk and settle debt in a timely manner, which is why such people may also have problems obtaining a bank loan, installment equipment or non-bank loan. Installment loan is granted only to persons who have no outstanding liabilities. In addition, new customers can apply for a lower amount of support and for a shorter loan period.

How to use the installment loan?

How to use the installment loan?

During the installment Loan, your financial situation will be verified in many ways. It will be necessary to provide a certificate from the employer, and in many cases other documents. The installment loan is limited to submitting the application online and passing the verification process successfully. To take it, all you need is your ID card and your own bank account to which the funds will be transferred. You set the loan amount and repayment date yourself, adjusting the installments to your own options. If you do not know the amount of financial support you need, you can easily specify it using the sliders on the lender’s website. Thanks to this, before submitting your application and signing the installment agreement as proof, you will know how much money you need to plan in your budget per month to pay your debt.

Loan consolidation

All about loan consolidation

What is the consolidation of loan (or pooling of loans)?

What is the consolidation of loan (or pooling of loans)?

Also called loan consolidation, the repurchase of loan consists of repurchasing one or more loans in progress, contracted from one or more lending institutions, in order to benefit from better repayment terms. By obtaining a single loan, you then pay only one monthly payment. An editorial over at

oan consolidation (or pooling of loans) is a personalized financial solution that allows you to review, improve and simplify the management of your budget. It gives you new leeway in your daily life and in your loans.

When does a loan consolidation (or pooling of loans) take place ?

The repurchase of loan (or group of loans) is adapted to many events of life . The customization of duration and monthly payments allows many borrowers to benefit, whether they are tenants, owners, active or retired, married or single.

For example, pooling loans is an advantageous solution for households in financial difficulty to improve their situation and regain some financial comfort.

The loan consolidation also allows you to benefit from new, more advantageous conditions for an old loan. It is also a way of considering the financing of new projects by setting up adapted monthly payments.

How to buy back loans (or pool loans)?

Obtaining a loan consolidation (or pooling of loans) requires an accurate and honest analysis of your financial situation. This analysis will allow you to have a personalized solution that is really adapted to your needs and your repayment capabilities.

It’s about taking stock of your loans, all of your expenses and your income. From these elements, the loan repurchase adviser studies your situation to propose the most suitable solution.

The actors of the loan consolidation (or grouping of loans)

The actors of the loan consolidation (or grouping of loans)

loan agencies have all the tools to support you in your steps and you discharge formalities. After setting up your new loan, the organization will repay and cancel your old loans. You will then have only one monthly payment to settle.

The repurchase of loan (or group of loans) seems to you a solution adapted to your situation? Make a simulation now!