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Online Bank Loan 60.000

Sure Card Bank grants unsecured bank loans ranging from USD 3,000 to USD 50,000. They grant a loan repayment period of 1-15 years.

Sure Card Bank is a bank that operates not only in Finland but also in Sweden, Germany and Norway. They operate under the control of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Their loan can be applied for up to $ 50,000, so it suits a wide variety of financing needs. It can be used to finance, for example, home renovations, a car purchase or a vacation. It also handles loan consolidation conveniently.

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Sure Card Bank information in brief:


  • Unsecured bank loan 3000 – 50.000 euros
  • You can choose from 1 to 15 years as payment period
  • The service age limit is 23 years
  • Do not compete for an inexpensive consolidation loan or apply for another purpose
  • The loan is granted by a Nordic bank
  • Possibility to take out loan security insurance
  • You will always receive a personal loan offer
  • Fill out a free application and get a loan decision quickly
  • Example calculation : The actual annual interest rate is 18.74% for a loan of $ 10,000, a repayment period of five years, an account management fee of $ 5, an opening fee of $ 89 and an example rate of 15.9%. The amount to be reimbursed is then $ 15,000, or $ 250 per month.

Who can get a loan from Sure Card Bank?

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Once you meet at least the following conditions, Sure Card Bank will process your application. They will then make a final loan decision based on the information you provide.

  • The applicant must be at least 23 years old
  • No payment default entries
  • Finnish citizen
  • Regular salary or pension income (At least $ 16,000 / year)
  • Sufficient ability to pay
  • Personal Online Banking Numbers
  • Finnish bank account

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How is the loan repaid?

How is the loan repaid?

Sure Card Bank offers a loan repayment term of 1 to 15 years. As payment plans may change, you should always check your personal loan offer details.

Always read the offer details and terms and conditions before signing any offers. Also, always calculate your solvency so you can repay your loan on time.

Never pay bills just in case you have trouble paying your monthly installments on time. In this case, it is a good idea to contact the loan provider’s customer service and agree with them on the future.

Usually a loan repayment is negotiated and thus the customer avoids unnecessary expenses due to non-payment of bills.