Personal Loans

Personal credit or “Personal Loan”

Personal loans are in vogue and are becoming increasingly popular. Due to persistently low interest rates and the associated cheap offers, mainly from direct banks, more and more consumers are using it to fulfill a long-planned wish. Be it an expensive vacation, new home furnishings or the new Mercedes in the garage, these dreams come true with a personal loan.

Banks have no longer trusted each other since the financial crisis in 2008. There is too much concern that there may still be contaminated sites in the archives, which will only be disclosed later. In order to prevent a so-called impending credit crunch, the Intrasavings Bank has for some time only made one percent of the money available to the individual institutions. They also make active use of it, but only pass on part of the favorable conditions to consumers. Although loans have been cheaper to buy in recent months, the interest margin is still very high.

Loans are mainly given to their customers by regional banks

personal loan

However, the market shares of direct banks have been increasing steadily in recent years. These can pass on personal loans to consumers on significantly better terms. This is due to the leaner cost structure, because no branches have to be kept in stock and the necessary personnel costs are also lower. However, a customer does not have to do without advice. Portals such as  Agree Bank provide their customers with extensive information on their website, on which almost all questions can be answered quickly and competently. Many comparison sites also offer a free hotline.

If you now compare the large number of possible providers according to their services and costs, you will quickly find a suitable loan tailored to your individual requirements. All top providers in the financial sector are usually represented on these portals.

Personal loan

Personal loan

Another alternative is the still relatively new form of credit “personal loan”. Loan seekers and lenders are brought together on platforms such as Astro Finance or Cream bank. If you want a loan, you present your project in as much detail as possible and offer an interest rate that you are willing to pay. At the same time, its credit rating level is also published. If a lender or investor likes the application, he invests any amount in the project. When the pot is full, the credit is finally given. Typically, a borrower pays a lower rate of interest than a bank and the lender receives a higher rate of interest than a traditional secure investment. Both parties are winners.

The network also offers many new innovations in the area of ​​credit, which have already come themselves or will be implemented in the future. Consumers can only benefit from it.