Do you want a loan?

Let’s ask a simple simple question: if you needed a loan to renovate, pay the university, buy a car or something else, who would you turn to? Discounted answer: to banks. Yet it is not always good to be dictated by habits, perhaps avoiding exploring new ways full of opportunities, both ethical and economic, such as private loans.

What is going on in the world


In the USA, China and Europe social lending is progressively affirming (8.63 million dollars paid in the EU alone) of which Astro Finance is the main player in Italy. These are in practice individuals who lend money to other individuals through an online platform. Everyone earns compared to traditional returns or commissions. And everything is authorized by the Bank of Italy.

Sometimes trusting is good

To convince yourself to leave the comfort zone routine, exploring the new, just take a look at the conditions. With Loans from Astro Finance it works like this: whoever asks for it pays an interest generally 2 percentage points lower than the market average, defined on the basis of his credit profile and the duration of the loan. You can get a credit of one thousand to 15 thousand dollars and repay it in a period of between 12 and 48 months. The procedure is simple: there is no need to go to the branch, everything is done online and only once the application has been pre-approved (the answer is online), documentation is required to prove that you have an income (even part- time or permanent) and that the debt is sustainable.

The return to ethics.

Beyond the practical aspects, the social aspect of Astro Finance is also interesting. Like the whole sharing economy, financial social lending is also distinguished by its ethical and collaborative aspect. Here private individuals lend money to give it to those who employ them immediately, putting them back into circulation and thus helping the economic recovery. As a result, those who apply for and access a loan in Astro Finance earn not a bank but those who then feed the social economy again.

It is not a financial one

Astro Finance is not a financial company, or a company that offers credit to those who can no longer obtain it through traditional circuits. The selection of requests is deliberately very careful, and it is good to clarify it in the forums, just to protect the “social” aspect of the loan between private individuals. To protect the investments of those who lend money and guarantee them a good return, it is therefore necessary to remain below the average bank r ate of outstanding payments (in Astro Finance it is 2.5 per cent against 6/7)

Participating in a virtuous financial circuit, however, also protects against strange surprises.

Once upon a time there was the bank

money loan

The bank’s task was to make the money of the current account holders by investing it well, but the use of complicated and questionable financial instruments (see subprime and derivatives) has put both the economy and credit institutions in crisis. This is there for all to see. And the cash that is still struggling to be disbursed.