Loans during parental leave – more difficult

Parental leave was created to incentivize family planning. Young families should be given the financial scope to enjoy the first time with their child. The parents’ creditworthiness was unfortunately neglected in the planning. Loans during parental leave are therefore suddenly more difficult than was suspected.

Loans during parental leave – banking

Loans during parental leave - banking

Parental leave is not a good timing to be creditworthy for larger investments. Family income is significantly reduced, although usually only for a limited time. The seizure allowances are getting dangerously close. Loans during parental leave are therefore only possible to a very limited extent from the traditional banking system. The house bank can help with a slightly increased overdraft facility, but it hardly has much more leeway.

Online it looks a little better for the loan request. Necessary investments in the equipment of the children’s room or other needs around the baby can be financed with a small loan. Small loans are low-interest, easy to compare on the Internet and are checked using the simplified approval process. The chances of getting a loan, even during parental leave, are therefore not necessarily bad online.

Goods or mail order credit during parental leave

Goods or mail order credit during parental leave

Merchandise and mail order loans have a top priority. They are intended to promote sales. They are advertised with low interest rates and short terms. The desire to increase sales volume displaces a balanced risk protection when lending. So it is comparatively easy to get the loan approval even under reduced income conditions. Larger sums and long terms cannot be financed in this way.

Buying a car is a pressing problem for many young families. The stroller simply does not want to fit in the old sleek, elegant strollers. A station wagon would be the solution, but problem-free loans during parental leave are rare for large investments. A guarantor or co-applicant opens the door to the car loan from almost any source of finance. This makes it possible to offer dealers, but also cheap car loans from the Internet. A loan comparison is always worthwhile.

With personal credit through the ups and downs of life

With personal credit through the ups and downs of life

Credit without a bank is becoming the most important means of providing credit to an increasing number of people. The income gap is widening in Germany. The development is particularly noticeable on the credit market. Families that only have a limited income to live in are increasingly cut off from traditional loans. Your income hardly exceeds the seizure allowance.

Loans during parental leave often reach this limit. Personal loan can be a way out. Getting in touch with private donors is easy in the Internet age. It is made up of two large personal loan platforms. However, it is not so quick until a personal loan becomes payable. In addition, the publication of the loan request involves preliminary costs.