Loans during trial period – maximum months

Borrowing requires a long-term, regular income. This is not the case during the trial period because the employer can terminate the employment contract without giving a reason. Borrowing during the trial period is therefore difficult. The trial period in Germany is a maximum of six months.

Some companies shorten it to three months, but legal protection against dismissal only applies after a period of six months. A prerequisite for the agreement of a trial period is a new appointment, so that neither the transition from a fixed-term to a permanent employment relationship nor a change in the area of ​​responsibility justifies this.

Use existing credit lines

Use existing credit lines

The easiest way for consumers to use existing credit lines as loans during the trial period. In many cases, the agreement of a trial period is not based on starting work for the first time, but on changing to a new employer, so that a credit facility and a credit card already exist.

Both types of credit are more expensive than consumer loans and should be replaced by one immediately after the trial period. A call credit is cheaper, which a job changer ideally applies for while his old employment relationship is still in existence.

Other ways of borrowing during the trial period

Other ways of borrowing during the trial period

The date of employment shows the date of employment, but not the agreed trial period. However, banks generally assume a six-month trial period, especially since this period is subject to severely restricted protection against dismissal. In the case of instant loans, in order to simplify processing, there is sometimes no submission of a proof of salary, so that these loans are also suitable as loans during a trial period. Of course, the borrower may not truthfully claim to be in a secure employment relationship.

If not asked, he does not necessarily have to point out his probationary period, but he must be convinced that he can pay off the loan later. Therefore, loans are ideal during the trial period, in which the loan agreement provides for the express right to make later changes, so that the consumer compares not only the effective annual interest rate, but also the specific loan terms of several providers. A surety is also a safe way to borrow during the trial period.

It is legally possible to agree to the automatic expiry of the guarantee upon transition to permanent employment, but such limited guarantees are not offered by all banks. Also on the websites for credit brokerage between private individuals, an existing trial period does not necessarily count as a reason for rejecting a loan application.

Rather, private lenders decide under what conditions they grant loans, with the majority preferring applicants who otherwise find it difficult to obtain a loan. Consumers often overlook the fact that installment payments within the first six months of a new employment relationship are earmarked loans during the trial period. Since mail order companies only request proof of salary for large order amounts, installment payments are possible without restriction during the trial period.