CSR: Bandhan Bank supports the planting of 67,540 mangrove seedlings in Gujarat

Bandhan Bank limited (the “Bank”) is aware of its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities and recognizes that a good corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) policy leads to better stewardship of all stakeholders.

The Bank’s CSR is not just philanthropy, but it is a strong commitment to contributing to social and environmental growth and prosperity and is essential to the sustainability of its business.

Bandhan Bank has supported reforestation initiatives and contributed to the project to establish a “Bio-shield” to save the mangroves in Bharuch district of Gujarat.

Mangrove planting of 67,540 saplings was carried out over 20 hectares on a 1 kilometer strip of coastline, along with planting of other medicinal plant species and fodder species, sequestering more than 4,400 tonnes of CO2 per year to date in fiscal year 2021-22.

The fodder bank was created to compensate for the biotic pressure of the mangrove area.

The project created 4,629 person-days of employment and provided 9,123 beneficiaries with additional sources of income through the collection of fodder and medicinal plants.

Water conservation

The water conservation initiative aims at water security and drought protection in some of the high moisture pressure regions of India, thus providing a safety net for agriculture and livestock-based livelihoods. The initiatives facilitate participatory watershed management by enabling communities to participate in the planning and implementation of local water resources development.

Measures such as construction, revival and maintenance of water harvesting structures, prioritization and judicious use of water for each member of the community, crop planning and water efficient agriculture , the use of drought-resistant varieties, the cultivation of high-value crops requiring less water, etc., creates a multiplier effect in the measures of protection against drought and adaptation to climate change and in the generation higher incomes.

The program supported the construction of 23 water harvesting structures with a storage capacity of over 120,000 kiloliters of water in two states, which not only provided clean water to over 1,500 families, but also supported participatory irrigation of various crops and helped generate income of more than Rs. 123 Lakh.

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