Free apps for Android and iOS: these Pro versions are currently free

Again this week, apps and games for Android and iPhone phones are available for free download for a limited time only. We’ll share with you how you can get your hands on these valuable downloads.

If you’ve been following NextPit for a while, you’ll know what to expect here in this article: The Google Play Store and Apple App Store regularly run discounts and promotions where you can get paid content for free for a period of time. limited. We’re rounding up these freebies and listing them for you, but unlike our top five apps of the week list, we won’t try the apps on purpose. Therefore, be a little careful before you fall into a money pit, as some apps may still include microtransactions.

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Point: Want to secure a free app for the future? If so, download it once and uninstall it if necessary. This way it will be added to your list of purchased apps and you can download it again in the future once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • speed cameras ($2.99): This ad-free app is useful to help you avoid getting tickets from speed cameras, ranging from mobile speed cameras to static speed cameras to red light speed cameras. It will also warn you of speed bumps and poor road conditions. The information contained in the database is provided by other users.
  • Mobile Cash ($1.49): Turn any Android device into a multifunction cash register! CashBox Mobile comes with a convenient user interface that allows you to keep fast and accurate account of group product sales, cash accounting, as well as staff accounting. Perfect for small businesses on a tight budget.
  • Bass Booster Pro ($3.49): Improve the sound quality of your Android device with Bass Boost, Volume Boost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Make your music and videos sound like never before!

These games are free in the Google Play Store

  • Cultivate Zombie VIP ($1.99): Want to put yourself in the shoes of the Umbrella Corporation? Grow Zombie is the right title then, because you synthesize zombies to grow high-quality zombies. These zombies can acquire special abilities, where they hunt bosses, aliens, and mutants. There are myriad zombies such as space and mutant zombies, how crazy is that?
  • New princess dress ($2.49): Here’s a title to keep your little ones busy while you travel. Featured as one of the most beautiful dress up games of 2021, you have your own fashion salon studio and you can dress up your princess according to your preferences. Send her for a facial, trim her eyebrows, get her ready for her big day!
  • Premium Castle Defender ($0.99): Another week, another tower defense game that requires you to carefully manage your resources and strategize to defeat the enemy through your strategically placed defenses.
  • Space Shooter: Galactic Attack ($0.99): Isn’t it funny that you always end up being the only available pilot in the entire galaxy who can take down those pesky aliens and save the whole world again?
  • cartoon legend ($2.49): An RPG that comes in a cartoon environment? Why not create an entire city full of heroes, where each of them has different functions and characteristics? Each city is different, so you can build it however you want.
  • The Adventures of Becker’s Cat ($0.99): This 2D action platformer sees you take on the role of Becker, a very troubled cat who must find cans of tuna to ensure that his cub and female grow up healthily. To do this, Becker decided to brave the city but encountered monsters instead! Bring Becker home safely!
  • Squid Ball Challenge ($0.49): Drop the Ball is a simple physics game where you have to move, flip and manipulate obstacles to drop the ball into the bucket. You can play the game in 2 different modes with over 100 levels to keep you busy!
  • Trojan War Bounty ($0.99): Do you want to conquer the world? Trojan War Premium lets you command a Greek army on the road to conquer Troy to win the heart of the beautiful Queen Helena. Each conquered territory will allow you to access additional types of troops.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • Scantastic ($1.99): Scantastic is the only scanning app you need: scan and organize documents, copy text from files with AI-powered text recognition, and print or share your scans.
  • Deep Sleep – Sleep Learning ($2.99): Deep Sleep is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. Learn how you can get better sleep every night with a deeper relaxation session. Say goodbye to anxiety in your life with this app!
  • Videdit – Handy Video Editor ($0.99): iPhone being a major tour de force in the world of mobile video recording devices, you might want to do your video editing on the iPhone itself wherever you are with this very capable Videdit.
  • Virtual backgrounds ($0.99): Do you ever attend more virtual meetings than physical ones? Virtual backgrounds set a new standard in social and professional landscapes, offering over 150 hand-picked backgrounds in 8 categories including Abstract, Beach, Colors, Games, Miscellaneous, Nature, Offices and Space.
  • Remote ($2.99): Easily control your TV from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with TV Remote, where the simple design incorporates advanced features that make it easy to control your TV without the physical remote.

These games are free for iOS

  • Word game help ($1.99): This is a utility app to help you play 5 letter word guessing games like Wordle. It is not a Wordle clone. Word Game Assist gives you a list of words that match your already entered word game guessing words.
  • Ragdolls Sandbox ($1.99): Ragdolls Sandbox is a physics simulation sandbox. This game offers players a great degree of creativity to interact with. The ragdolls in the game are totally physics based, you expect interaction with the environment.
  • Everyone’s RPG ($0.99): Everybody’s RPG lets you relive the old school vibes of pixelated RPG gaming in an endless idle RPG style. It’s just a waste of time that… works.
  • QB: The story of a cube ($2.99): There are a total of 80 levels to reach each of the last black cubes. Discover new cubes along the way that have their own mechanics, challenging you to change how you complete the level each time.

Don’t worry if nothing particularly stood out to you today (well, I’m sure there was something that piqued your interest!). If you find an app that is no longer available for free, leave us a comment. Thanks!

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