King Arthur Baking Company advances its commitment to sustainability

Advancing its commitment to environmental and social stewardship, King Arthur Baking Company (KABC), a 100% employee-owned founding company, today launched its new sustainability platform with positive ambitions for the planet and people. people to restore nature and build a more equitable environment. world. This high commitment will guide how King Arthur Baking Company balances purpose and profit to transform operations to achieve the company’s 2030 sustainability goals: from protecting natural resources through agriculture, responsible sourcing of ingredients and products, increasing supplier diversity and promoting equity in baking. community.

“The launch of our 2030 sustainability goals epitomizes King Arthur’s long-standing commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve,” said Suzanne McDowell, Vice President of Social Responsibility. business and sustainability at King Arthur Baking Company. “As a Certified B company, we have transparently measured our environmental and social impact against rigorous standards since 2007. Now we hold ourselves to an even higher standard with ambitious goals and an aggressive timeline because we believe that we must be careful of our most precious resources – our people and our planet.”

King Arthur Baking Company’s 2030 sustainability goals are anchored around two pillars in which the company will take action and track progress:

  • restore nature
    • Regenerative Agriculture: By 2030, King Arthur is determined to lead regenerative agriculture. 100% of the flour in its bags will be ground from regeneratively grown wheat.
    • Reduction of emissions: King Arthur will reduce its carbon footprint and engage across its value chain on the climate crisis. All current KABC facilities will use 100% renewable energy by 2030 and supply chain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will be reduced by 30%.
    • Packaging: King Arthur will develop all packaging to include 100% deforestation-free fiber and a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.
    • Waste: King Arthur will reduce waste generation, recycle and compost responsibly and strive to eliminate waste to landfills at all facilities by 2030.
  • Fostering a fair world
    • Responsible Purchasing & Supplier Diversity: 100% of high-risk suppliers must comply with the environmental and social requirements of the Code of Conduct. 100% of key ingredients will be sustainably sourced and supplier diversity will be maximized.
    • Workplace: King Arthur will create a culture in which all employee-owners feel welcomed, respected and valued through increased workforce diversity, the launch of home groups and executive compensation linked to building inclusive and diverse teams.
    • Bakers: King Arthur will build a world of baking that is inclusive and truly open to everyone – diversifying bakery products, content, contributors and consumers.
    • Communities: King Arthur will generate opportunity, advance equity and improve food justice; leverage its brand voice to advance policy and inspire consumers to transform food systems to be more regenerative, nutritious and just.

Sustainability has always been a core value for King Arthur Baking Company. The company has already entered into long-standing partnerships with farmers, millers and suppliers in an ongoing commitment to sustainability. “We know we have a lot to learn and important work to do to create meaningful and lasting impact,” McDowell said. “While we don’t have all the answers, we rise to the challenge because we know change is essential and we look forward to sharing King Arthur’s journey towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world through the power of pastry.”

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King Arthur Baking Company has been sharing the joy of baking since 1790. Based in Norwich, Vermont, a certified B Corp, 1% for the Planet member and 100% employee-owned, King Arthur Baking is the baking resource ultimate, providing the highest quality ingredients for the most delicious baked goods, while inspiring relationships and community through baking. King Arthur’s superior flours and mixes are available in supermarkets nationwide. Visit for more specialty baking items, mixes, gluten-free products, recipes, guides and more. Follow King Arthur Baking Company on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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