Magnum empowers its employees through CSR volunteering

KUALA LUMPUR: MagnumCares organized a corporate social responsibility (CSR) tree planting campaign involving more than 80 Magnum employees with a commitment to improving environmental conservation efforts.

Magnum empowers its employees through volunteerism as a responsible company.

As a responsible company, Magnum promotes environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices with its personnel participating in various programs to better serve the community.

This CSR activity, led by Krian Upatkoon, Executive Director of Magnum 4D Bhd and Datuk Chan Chee Fai, Commercial Director of Magnum Group, was successful thanks to the active participation of Magnum employees who planted more than 200 plant seedlings along the borders of the 12 ha Public Park at Pantai Eco Park, here.

Chan said, “To ensure the success of this CSR program, MagnumCares will work with the Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) to monitor tree growth and survival over the years.

(Left to right) Chan and Stephanie Bacon, Advisor and Secretariat of the Malaysian Nature Society during the tree planting campaign.

“This is the first of our many collaborations with MNS, an NGO that has pioneered making a difference through habitat conservation and environmental education since 1940.”

The problems of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions have become increasingly serious in recent years. Planting trees will help Mother Earth mitigate these negative impacts and contribute to our environmental sustainability.

“We hope that this initiative will lead other NGO partners to protect our environmental heritage for generations to come.

“We are proud to say that with the participation of our employees, we have contributed to revitalizing the surroundings of the park with greenery.

“MagnumCares aims to plant up to 600 trees in one location by the end of 2022, in hopes of conserving the planet by planting more trees for a better environment.”

He added, “We are happy to contribute to the national tree planting campaign and look forward to future initiatives supporting the cause.”

Magnum employees engaged in the tree planting initiative.Magnum employees engaged in the tree planting initiative.

Magnum Group’s CSR wishes to further promote the concept of environmental preservation, which will inspire various socio-economic development opportunities such as networking and educational activities for the betterment of our society and the environment. It’s also part of Magnum’s commitment to enabling social sustainability projects to support our cause to give back to the community.

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