Securities Financial Sector News | SmartStream and Kynec form an alliance

SmartStream, a Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) financial solutions provider, has entered into an alliance with Kynec.

The strategic alliance aims to provide consolidated margin positions in the global over-the-counter (OTC) and bilateral markets.

Financial institutions are exploring ways to better manage their collateral, according to SmartStream. This alliance integrates with offset margin data from Kyncec’s Rubicon platform, combined with bilateral OTC margin data from SmartStream’s TLM collateral management solution.

Collateral transactions are able to access this information for better workflow management and reporting, while the front office can directly access the information to manage liquidity, margin financing and collateral optimization.

Commenting on the news, Robert McWilliam, CEO of Kynec, says, “This alliance meets customer needs for consolidated margin workflow and front-office decision making in cleared and bilateral OTC markets.”

Jason Ang, Head of the TLM Collateral Management Program at SmartStream, adds: “This alliance with Kynec means we can offer our clients a clear and easy way to link CCP data directly to TLM collateral management, consolidating so all the management processing in a single system. ”

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